Five bronzed ladies worship shit

Gathered in the room, those five ladies don’t know how to occupy themselves, but the sudden urge helps them finding a nice thing to do. They put off their clothes and gather in the middle of the room naked. One or two of them decides to shit for a little bit, and the crap becomes their sex toy. They play with it, pressing their feet into the warm pile, smearing the feces over their naked bellies, breasts and asses and making each other lick it off their flesh. Their mouths eventually get very dirty, but they really enjoy eating shit, so it’s okay. After some time spent in such company, every bronzed babe out of those five has a nice appetite for scat and a great experience in licking shitted feet.

kinky scat

Video Title: Five bronzed ladies worship shit

Submitted on June 21st, 2012 by Caca Monster

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