Bitch eating her own feces

As he was physically strong, it was easy for him to bring her over to the toilet. Bitch was extremely hot though. He tore her down and started adjusting his asshole so he could shit onto her neat face. He succeeded and gave her a brutish face shitting. Bitch tried her best to avoid eating her own feces but the monster used his fingers to open her mouth wide so his shit will penetrate into her throat. Ultimately, bitch ended up lying on the toilet floor where it was very hard to recognize her face as it was cemented with his grungy shit. She was having problems with breathing as some shit got stuck in her nose. She was treated like an animal.

kinky scat

Video Title: Bitch eating her own feces

Submitted on February 5th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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  1. By: Scat Bitch

    An average human produces 0.91 kg of feces per day. For comparison, elephants produce up to 46 kg of shit per day.


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