Smart dinner from lazy wife

Simple sunny day of a lawyer husband continued by routine sex with his wife after the working day was just over. Blowjob followed by vaginal intercourse and the finishing touch as cunnilingus was the simple way of fucking for this married couple. Usually family sex was followed by dinner cooked by the wife, but not this fucking time! Crazy and lazy wife on the same time did not cook anything for today; she prepared her urine to fulfill the thirst of his husband. The stinky brown shit was prepared by her as the dish part of the routine dinner family custom. The husband is fucking out of his mind; he still can’t imagine what is happening. This is what we call loving husband: he pretends to like all of those shitty things happening around and pleases his wife by absorbing all the “surprise” she prepared for him.

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Video Title: Smart dinner from lazy wife

Submitted on March 30th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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