Gagging ring for convenient shitting

The awesome scat sex scene with elements of shitting exposes the wonderful blonde woman who’s mesmerized by her guy enough to suck his dick like there’s no tomorrow. Though, to feed this slut with his shit, the guy needs a gagging ring. He doesn’t tell her why he plugs her mouth with it, but in a second or so, she realizes that it won’t end up good. He spreads his buttocks and starts laying feces into her gaped and fixed mouth. She doesn’t even try to escape the shit shower, because there is no way she can do it. After several minutes of wild shitting porn, they end up on the floor, where the babe with a face smeared in poop gets subjected to rough and hard anal sex.

kinky scat

Video Title: Gagging ring for convenient shitting

Submitted on November 28th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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