Mesmerized by a huge pile of shit

Just shitting into her girlfriend’s mouth isn’t enough for this bitchy slut. First, she crouches over her face and makes her feces drop and smear all over her mouth and neck: she makes a huge pile cover her head. The brown spot is really large, but it’s still not enough for the desperate girls. Smearing the shit all over her own face, the lying babe waits for another portion of humiliation, but it comes in an unexpected way. The playful mistress decides to soak her toes in the made pile and presses her feet into the brown mountain. She pushes the shit deeper into the mouth of her mistress so that her toes get between her lips and she can easily lick the crap off those sweet feet.

kinky scat

Video Title: Mesmerized by a huge pile of shit

Submitted on May 7th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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