Shitting all over the loser

Be sure not to bet on the shit eating, when you’re not sure in your skill in playing billiards. The awesome scat porn video exposes an asserted blonde who’s bragged too much in a company of really filthy girls. Now they stand in the circle around her naked body, watching this poor girl taking a huge load of shit, produced by the leader. This slender babe spreads her legs over the gaped mouth of a blond bitch and shits right into it, making the poor loser choke. They enjoy the action exciting them, rubbing their pussies and shouting, while the blonde has to smear the shit all around her body, swearing to never play this game again.

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Video Title: Shitting all over the loser

Submitted on October 31st, 2012 by Caca Monster

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  1. By: ksbhat

    good game for scat liking people.


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