Shit-smeared beauties dancing lambada

And I thought that the previous scene I shared with you was kinky… Shit, looks like I really know less about scat porn than I thought I knew! Fortunately, every new sizzling hot scene that I run into expands my field of knowledge immensely. Today’s set of free shit fetish videos did add a lot to the wonderful process of my scat education, no doubt.
So, the scat contest continues – continues with a totally mind-blowing show from the naked contestants. There are already seven, not six, of them and they all go completely crazy with all the shit and urine they have just produced. The contest turns into sheer insanity when the girls just jump into the brown puddle they themselves have created and start wolfing each other’s excrements down, smearing whatever shit is left all over themselves and each other… And what would you say about seven shit-smeared naked beauties dancing lambada in front of the cam? This is as perverted as scat porn can only get, I’m telling you!

kinky scat

Video Title: Shit-smeared beauties dancing lambada

Submitted on January 27th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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