Pool table shitting

It was fucking amazing and shocking, when my girlfriend left me for a while saying that she wants to play some pool with her girl friends. I never knew that my blonde slut likes rolling the balls and taking a stick hard into her hands. Rather than going and playing pool games, I offered her to try rolling my balls and grab my cock, which will substitute all her needs. However she fucking refused such a great offer, so I followed where she is heading. That was so fucked up that I didn’t find even words to express my feelings. Bunch of girls have taken down all their clothes and climbed on a pool table one by one, where dirty desires were released from the depth of mind! They were vomiting, shitting and peeing, but nothing that could be related with pool game!

kinky scat

Video Title: Pool table shitting

Submitted on March 15th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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