Guys take their shitting revenge

Insatiable young lady teases her pussy wildly, sitting on the couch, while a guy comes across her. She’s enticed by his strong and thick cock, biting into the knob like it’s an ice-cream. She sucks his dong and even takes a short ride on it, when the other guy knocks on their door. He has something better than just a threesome in his mind, making this porn video a fetish shitting movie. He offers the bitch to stand on her knees before him and starts showering her from his schlong, pissing all over her face. But even this doesn’t satisfy him. The other guy crouches over the naked body of the insatiable girlfriend and shits on her, smearing the feces over her body once he’s finished.

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Video Title: Guys take their shitting revenge

Submitted on June 15th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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