Cute teen babe gets shitted by the stranger

A strange looking old guy spots a babe of his dreams: she sits on the bench in the public park with her legs spread and there is no sign of panties in her crotch. Her gaped pussy undergoes intensive masturbation, and the girl hardly realizes where she is. The boy catches her in a very successful moment and convinces this bitch to follow him into the abandoned wastelands. There he puts her on the sand and crouches over her head, holding his bare ass above her face. The thick feces start crawling out of his butt immediately, falling onto the mindless face of his eventual girlfriend. He smears her face with his poop and then tries to dig some sand and cover her face and his shit like a doggy.

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Video Title: Cute teen babe gets shitted by the stranger

Submitted on August 20th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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