Warm brown ice-cream

Amateur shitting video exposes a fine babe with a cute face, who is drinking pee straight from the pouring dick of her partner. This guy eagerly shares his urine with the nasty bitch, because both of them enjoy the process. Then the girl realizes that she hadn’t tasted ice-cream this year and the weather is getting really cold. She asks the guy for help and he already has a plan on saving her from this nonsense. He hands her a waffle cone and turns around, pulling his pants down. His huge hairy ass is a fucking great ice-cream machine, though the balls are brown and warm. Anyways, he lays some feces into the cone and lets the bitch taste them in front of the camera.

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Video Title: Warm brown ice-cream

Submitted on November 18th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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  1. By: Ricky Trico

    i would love to eat a beautiful girl’s poop

  2. By: random

    why did he smack it out her hands at the end?

  3. By: poopeatah

    In German he’s sayin something like ” let’s go to town, but leave the chocolate-ice”

  4. By: Ricky Trico

    I would love eat a beautiful women’s poop email me rickytrico71@gmail.com


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