Small Japanese girl lays a pile

Incredibly filthy and disgusting porn video with shitting Japanese babe exposes this bitch lying on the table with her naked body strained. Her legs are spread apart and put up really high, so all of her amazing crotch is exposed on the tape. She waits for a huge turd to go out of her suffering anus, and it doesn’t make her wait for a long. In one powerful burst the huge piece of shit falls out of this tight ass, making a loud sound when it lands on the table. The ashamed girl can’t take the attention for a long while she’s shitting and she tries not to look into the camera, but she still looks like a dirtiest whore ever. Though, the feeling of a relief makes it easier for her to endure the guilt.

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Video Title: Small Japanese girl lays a pile

Submitted on June 6th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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