Huge turd makes the girl suffer

A hot farmer’s daughter crawls on the grass, with a huge trough substituted to her ass. She has no panties on, and a gaping crotch exposes her loose pussy and tight asshole. Though she has rather large butt, the shit that starts crawling out of it is still too much for it. The huge diameter of the turd makes it stuck in the girl’s butt, so she suffers in pain. Hurting the sensitive asshole of this slut, shit won’t come out until she puts all of her efforts into pushing it out. Finally it shoots out of her ass, leaving bloody traces, but another piece of shit is coming towards her prolapsed asshole from the girl’s rectum. It seems like her tortures have just started in this vicious porn movie.

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Video Title: Huge turd makes the girl suffer

Submitted on October 3rd, 2012 by Caca Monster

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