Totally shitted couple

The filthiest bitchy brunette gets laid with one of her best friends, who adore her way of fucking. She sucks his dong and drinks the piss bursting out of it, preparing for more nutritious shit from his ass. Her mouth is ready when he turns around and starts shitting into it. She chews the feces, smears her pussy and big breasts in it and keeps on licking the guy’s ass. After that, she decides to get her revenge on the boy and makes him gobble her crap during the smothering. While his face plugs her ass, she feels great, but when it gets near her lips, she’s even happier. The filthy shitted couple starts kissing and probably several more frictions, pushing the dirty cock into her dirty mouth, will be fine.

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Video Title: Totally shitted couple

Submitted on July 30th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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