Pooping in the winter field

Resistant to freeze, young women walks around the field, covered with snow, trying to find a better spot to defecate. Her huge ass has a plenty of shit inside and it needs a release. Finally, she discovers more or less cozy spot and pulls down her panties. A monstrous butt exposed in close-up in the pooping porn video starts swelling and pulsing, emitting unpleasant smells right away. At last, a large brown turd crawls out of her anus and drops onto the snow. The process goes really slow and the bitch’s ass starts shivering, that’s why she decides to help herself with her fingers, pushing them inside of her asshole and digging some shit out in front of the camera lens.

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Video Title: Pooping in the winter field

Submitted on June 18th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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