Men pooping on a bricks

Dropping some shit on a brown bricks looks like a new trend of the fashion carried between people – so called fans of a pooping porn! Today let us introduce you a new era of handsome men and beautiful ladies that keep carrying their golden-valued shit all along the street and poop on a bricks lying in the middle of park. This big and white ass is never gonna itself fucking shy, while extracting some brown mean in a cool weather under the open sky. People, please tell me where the fucking pleasure is hidden here? If I would know how such scat-loving fuckers enjoy turning beautiful places into nasty ones, then I would keep tuning all the public places that I am visiting with my fresh urine and super-smelly shit!

kinky scat

Video Title: Men pooping on a bricks

Submitted on February 23rd, 2012 by Caca Monster

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