Dominant guy shitted into mouth

Unknown mature man is being given an intimate blowjob by lovely blonde as he is sitting on the chair. Girl agreed on fully submitting her to the man.  She was attired in a steward`s uniform. The guy was actually sitting on a chair with a big hole on bottom. His plan was to shit deep into her mouth. As intended, the dominant guy shitted deep into girl`s mouth after she has oriented her mouth to his ass. Later, blonde used her tongue to clean his shitty asshole instead of using a toilet paper. As guy`s ass was cleaned, he got up and smeared his shit all around her face after taking a small piece of shit from the floor. Elated girl with her face fully coated went to a nearest mirror and enjoyed the view of her face.

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Video Title: Dominant guy shitted into mouth

Submitted on January 25th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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