Blindfolded man licks off brown feces

Feeling awfully kinky and horny, this lovely man wants to taste his girlfriend’s savory brown body waste. Closing his eyes tightly with black cloth makes his as blind as a bat, but now his sense of smell and taste are heighten immensely. As this young and kinky darling licks off those juicy feces from his horny babe’s ass, he is filled with wild lust in her southern region. Completely blind now, the lovely and aromatic sense of the newly ejected baked chocolate goo makes this charming boy even hungry for more!

kinky scat

Video Title: Blindfolded man licks off brown feces

Submitted on November 12th, 2012 by Caca Monster

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  1. By: Fudgesucker

    I want to be the one getting fed.

  2. By: Jakob Forslin

    Schysst bajs!


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